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                                                           Startup Services

Shape your future web project with sharp design and refine coded functions

Software Development

We help end-to-end softwre development
(IoT, Marketplaces, Mobile, Social, Enterprises, B2B, B2C. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning, Analytics to name few)

Product Startegy

Take your idea and develp into a product.  

Flexible Finance Models

Help in develpoing Finance models, including help with preparing for Raising Capital


We provide specific services for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Design Thinking and developer tool kit for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for your projects. 

  • DEVELOPS DREAMS TO REALITY -  We’re about more than products and apps. We create successful start-ups
  • PRODUCT STRATEGY - It is important to have a clear strategy. We will help to define and refine product strategy. Ask for a 30 minute free consultation by Contact Us.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - Cut down the development time by getting in the right partner. We will help you in structuring the solution from MVP to realized product, with monetizing capability models.  
  • NON-TECHNICAL CO-FOUNDER - We help non-technical founders get started on their product. Our team has strong 
  • PROCESS BASED DELIVERY - We have well defined delivery aligned with your goals
  • RAISING CAPITAL - Keeping in view of valuation, and how your product or service can provide value all the way till being a trusted partner to Raise Capital
  • BUILD-OPERATE-TRANSFER - Do you have an existing product but finding it difficult to maintain? Do you want to start lean but take over the team when you raise capital?               Ask us about the Build-Operate-Transfer model. 
  • CODE DUE DILIGENCE - We provide services to check your code 
  • FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS - We have various flexible payment options. We want your start-up to be successful. We have very unique payment options that are tuned towards your success. We understand this is a constraint and built very specific risk/reward models. We will make it work for you !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Contact Us for more details.

Enagement Model

We want to be your Software Development Partner

Project Evaluation

We will evaluate your project and your needs. Depending your needs we custom make solutions for you needs and services. We sign any paperwork per your needs (NDA) or engagement letter

Project Estimation  

We estimate the project and agree the timeline and deliverables. We will consider the architecture, product strategy, design, development, test and support functionalities, per your need. Talk to us about flexible payment options. 

Discuss Flexible Finance Model

We have various flexible finance model based on your need

Start the work, progress report and complete   

Production Support

Define various ways to ensure production support or hand-over the project to you, including documentation

Raising Capital

We can help you in raising capital and product positioning. 


Fixed Price Model

This model is best suited for projects that have pre-defined scope, management methodologies and a set list of requirements before the project starts.


Time & Material

This model works best for projects that are designed to evolve as they proceed, or the ones that kick off without a strict scope-specifications-implementation document to give it enough creative and technical flexibility.


Dedicated Development Center

We invest time in nderstanding your requirements deeply and correctly before our team begins to toil in tandem.


Hybrid Development Centers 

We can help you establish Hybrid Development center with both on-site & off-shore development cost optimization models

Startup Services FAQ

We provide complete end-to-end services for early-stage companies. We expect you would have done your market research, and analysis before you start software development. 

Yes. We can help you structure the Customer Discovery process and guide you through it. Our team has expertise in Customer Discovery to take your idea from where you are to reality.

We have various pricing and payment options to fit your needs
* Fixed Price - If you know what you need this is best suited. We will need an upfront requirements from you
* Time & Material-This is standard. If you you know what you need you pay by the negotiated hour
* Risk / Reward model - We will put our skin in the game too. In this model you we will estimate and give you our approach. This is an aggressive model for shorter projects.
* Lease & Equity Model - For a few companies a year we may work on equity as well. Ask us if your company can be eligible by contacting us

We understand building a team is tough. Secondly, it takes a learning curve to get a team upto your speed and culture. We offer dedicated teams to work for you and a process to support it, At the end of a specified time we can transfer the team to you. In this way you can keep all the knowledge and expertise built by your team. 

We have experience working for large as well as start-up companies with a good network across various accelerators, GAN community, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. If you have strong monetization capability for your company, have customers and a good team you can raise capital. We can help and support you from that perspective as being your technology arm. We are here to support and help you from increasing the valuation, to getting the best. 

We specialize in software development across various technologies. Examples include IoT, Marketplaces, Mobile, Social, Enterprises, B2B, B2C. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning, Analytics to name few. We have a good network that we are sure will find an answer for you.