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We provide services specific as a CTO and IT Advisory

CTO As a Service

Many talented founders with smart business models have a hard time finding a CTO in communities where tech cofounders are scarce.

Technology Strategy 

Provide C-level strategy and consulting services for technology-driven companies of all sizes and stages of expansion.

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a key executive role inside an organization, with the responsibility to understand the business drivers and align technologies to meet the business objectives. As technology advances and is continually changing, it is imperative that a business tries to leverage these changes to deliver true competitive advantage.

Our professionals have a proven track record to communicate at board level as well as throughout organizations on any technical issue from overall technology related strategy to day-to-day business requirements.

CTO As-a-Service

We provide a temporary fulfilment of this critical role within your organization on a contract basis, until a suitable full-time employee can be located, hired and trained to take over

Absolutely. Technology is changing so fast. We can provide a “second opinion” or “sounding board” that provides ongoing experience, objective insights and advise

Yes we have flexible payment options. Contact us for more details. Specifically ask for flexible payment options and schedule a 30 minute free call and mention "Free 30 minute CTO as-a-Service"